Bunny Basics - The Dos & Don'ts of the Rabbiting World

Becoming a first time rabbit owner can be overwhelming--with lots of information out there, where do you start?
Join us for an introduction to rabbit ownership and the do's and don'ts of the rabbiting world. Learn the best ways to provide safe and secure housing for your bun, create enriching environments to encourage natural behaviors, and bond and engage with your new rabbit.
Avoiding common mistakes can help prevent the development of behavioral issues, while promoting a healthy and harmonious rabbit relationship.
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After this presentation you will:

  • Avoid common mistakes that can lead to behavioral issues
  • Learn best housing practices for your bunny
  • Be able to create enriching environments to encourage natural bunny behaviors
  • Learn how to best handle your bunny
Meet the instructor

Taylor Kelly

Taylor Kelly holds a Master’s Degree in Animal Behavior and Conservation and is a certified Fear Free Trainer. While earning her Masters, Taylor was part of a team that researched the adult human perception of distress in the cries of bonobo, chimpanzee, and human infants. The study was published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Not only does she have many years of experience working with dogs, she also has extensive experience in rabbit behavior with two rabbits of her own. She continues to volunteer as a dog walker, and foster for both cats and dogs from the Animal Care Centers. In her personal life Taylor has worked on her persona’s dog journey with separation anxiety and resource guarding with other dogs.
Patrick Jones - Course author