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Deep Dive: Sensory Integration - Remy's Story

A clinical overview of canine aggression will be given, before examining the case of an adult, male, Pit Bull displaying aggressive behavior to other dogs while he is on leash. Neuroscientist Dr. Kathy Murphy, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist Dr. E'Lise Christensen, and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Bobbie Bhambree work together through the different aspects of case workup and case management. The pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions chosen are discussed in relation to the neurobiology of aggression, and successes and failures of the behavior training plan.
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Canine aggression is a term that encompasses a range of behavioral and neurobiological processes. In this seminar we will discuss the categorization of aggression, the underpinning clinical neurobiology of aggressive behavior, and both pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods relevant to its treatment.
Meet the Presenters 

Dr Kathy Murphy 

Dr. Kathy Murphy (BVetMed, DPhil, CVA, CLAS, MRCVS) is a veterinary surgeon and neuroscientist. She graduated from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons UK in 1999, initially working in mixed clinical practice before studying for two post-graduate clinical qualifications, in Veterinary Anaesthesia (altered states of consciousness) and Analgesia (pain management) and Laboratory Animal Science.

She brings her passion for providing science communication

and evidence-based, up-to-date information to clinicians, animal professionals, and their clients.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the Presenters 

Dr E'Lise Christensen

Dr. E’Lise Christensen DVM is a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and an international lecturer and author. Dr. C is board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) Speaker’s Bureau and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr C is always working on new ideas to support animals, families, trainers, and veterinary colleagues as they learn more about behavior and manage animals with behavioral disorders.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the Presenters 

Bobbie Bhambree

Bobbie Bhambree (CDBC, CPDT-KA) is the Director of Behavior Services and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant at Behavior Vets. She is also a faculty member of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and Agility University.

Bobbie started her career in 2003 as a pet behavior counselor with the ASPCA Animal Behavior Center. In 2016, Bobbie joined the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, NY as the Director of Pet Behavior. She also deployed for the ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team to work in the field, supporting the team with dog fighting busts, puppy mill cases, and hoarding cases.

In addition to this work, she founded and directed her own company, DogCentric Dog Training, helping people whose pet dogs experienced a wide spectrum of canine behavior issues.

Bobbie presented at the Lemonade Conference, hosted by IAABC and Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, in February of 2022.
Patrick Jones - Course author