Listen Up: An Evidence-Based Assessment of Sound Products for Dogs

Saturday, October 14, 2023
11am to 12:30pm EDT (USA and Canada)

Sound- and music-based products for dogs are flooding into the market. There are myriad devices and playlists that are purported to relax your dog, soothe your dog, and even cure your dog of medical conditions. Some products claim to include special frequencies or vibrations that will make your dog feel better or improve their brain functions.

Most of these products refer to clinical studies in their marketing. The advertising copy will say, “Music is clinically proven to help dogs relax!” It's true that there have been studies of music for dogs. Their outcomes, as compiled and assessed by experts and in review articles, are weak. In addition, there’s a big disconnect in what the studies find and the sounds these products provide.
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The webinar is suitable for pet owners, veterinary professionals, animal trainers, animal behaviorists, pet guardians, shelter and rescue staff and volunteers, and anyone with an interest in evidence-based behavior and training.

In this Webinar: 

Eileen will lead you through the claims versus the realities of these products. Topics include:
  • The state of dogs and music research as published in three scholarly review articles
  • What can make a sound intrinsically pleasant or aversive
  • Red flags to look for in product marketing
  • The dangers of aversive sound products
  • The dangers of appetitive sound products
  • What is really going on with products that advertise that they include ultrasound
  • The problems with vibration-based products
  • The things we know through music therapy for humans that aren’t considered in the dog world
  • What soundproofing can and can’t do
  • How to take an evidence-based approach to incorporating sound into behavior plans

1.5 CEUs pending:
  • KPA
  • PPAB
  • CPDT


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Cancellation policy: No refunds

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Meet the instructor

Eileen Anderson

Eileen Anderson (she/her) writes about her life with dogs with a focus on training with positive reinforcement. Her book on canine cognitive dysfunction, Remember Me?, won a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America in 2017. Her well-known Eileenanddogs blog has been featured on Freshly Pressed by and won the award, “The Academy Applauds” in 2014 from the Academy for Dog Trainers.

She has written for Clean Run, Whole Dog Journal, the IAABC Journal, and BARKS from the Guild. Her articles, training videos, and photos of dog body language have been incorporated into curricula worldwide. She holds an eight-week, biannual writing mentorship through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She also works as a freelance editor and mentor for writers.

Eileen has worked professionally as an academic editor, an orchestral and ensemble musician, a network and database administrator, a college math instructor, a bookkeeper, a grant writer, a social work caseworker, and a trainer of computer skills in academic and workplace settings. She has a long-standing interest in making technology accessible to women, people with limited literacy skills, and other underserved populations.

She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music (harpsichord performance) and a master’s degree in engineering science (acoustics). Her engineering master’s research was in active noise control and work connected with her thesis was published by a peer-reviewed journal. She has recently brought her expertise in music, sound, and acoustics to the dog training and behavior world. Eileen assesses the claims of sound-related products and writes educational articles on the physics of sound related to dogs. She works as a consultant for dog behavior professionals and can help with identifying acoustic triggers for dogs and managing the sound environment.

Eileen was the guardian of a beloved, clinically sound-phobic dog, and knows firsthand the heartbreaks that condition can cause.
Patrick Jones - Course author