Improving The Vet Appointment Experience For Vet, Client, and Horse:
Two-Part Series

Part 1: Improving the Vet Appointment Experience for the Vet, Client, and Horse
Saturday, October 7th, 2023
11am to 12:30pm EDT (USA and Canada)

Part 2: Solving the Mysteries: Training Problem, Pain, Or…?
Saturday, November 11th, 2023
11am to 12:30pm EDT (USA and Canada)

Whether it’s for a routine exam, or for an emergency call, sometimes vet appointments can be very stressful and even dangerous for all those involved. But they don’t have to be! In fact, they can be an enjoyable experience for not only the vet and the client, but for the horse too.
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The webinar is suitable for pet owners, veterinary professionals, animal trainers, animal behaviorists, pet guardians, shelter and rescue staff and volunteers, and anyone with an interest in evidence-based behavior and training.

In this Webinar: 

Part 1: Improving The Vet Appointment Experience For Vet, Client, and Horse
If you’re the client, this webinar will provide you with the tools and confidence to set both you and your horse up for an enjoyable experience with the vet. This will in turn make future vet appointments go all that much smoother, keep you and your horse safe, and keep your vet happy!
If you’re the veterinarian, this webinar will provide you with information on how to help your client’s horse feel as comfortable as possible. This will in turn help you have a more enjoyable experience, be safer, and be more efficient with your time and energy.
If you’re the horse, this webinar will provide the humans with the information they need to understand your subtle behavior communication for improved medical care, improved safety, and ultimately a better experience for all.

Part 2: Solving Mysteries: Training Problem, Pain, Or?
Has your veterinarian ever told you that your horse is fine and they just need more training?

Have you, as a veterinarian, ever been in a situation where you can’t find anything wrong with your client’s horse and aren’t sure what else to say except to do more training?

As a behavior consultant I’ve seen all sides of the equation, and want to help. Sometimes it’s training, sometimes it’s pain, sometimes it’s something else entirely! Let’s talk more about the ins and outs of training as a recommendation for behavior issues.

In this webinar I share:
• Multiple complex case studies
• About the complexities of behavior
• Why it’s dangerous to dismiss behavior as being a training issue
• Practical tips for getting to the bottom of the horse’s behavior
• Where to turn as a veterinarian or equine caregiver when you can’t find the underlying cause
• Tips for talking to your client or your vet
• And more!

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Meet the instructor

Adele Shaw

Adele Shaw, CEBC is an internationally recognized horsemanship mentor, behavior consultant, and trainer focused on creating a positive relationship between horse and human through science-based training and care practices. Drawn to horses labeled as “trouble makers” and “lost causes” from an early age, Adele has always had a passion for understanding the “why” behind behavior and a deep desire to help horses find their way back to wellness. This holistic approach examines the horse’s environment, lifestyle, and physical and mental soundness to ensure that the horses are not simply surviving, but truly thriving in their life and relationship with their human caretakers. As a teacher, Adele is supportive and understanding of both horse and human, and tailors her lessons to provide the most personalized, accessible, and ethically minded coaching possible. Her approach goes beyond method: by offering flexible training and care systems, the wellbeing of the horse and the empowerment of the student always remain the primary goals.

In addition to her hands-on work with specialized rehabilitation cases at her ranch in Texas, Adele maintains an active role in the equestrian community through her clinics, online student programs, courses, blog, podcast, and social media outreach. As she connects with students across the globe, Adele remains dedicated to making information on behavior science, positive reinforcement, LIMA principles, the humane hierarchy, and species appropriate care practices accessible and achievable for every horse owner through The Willing Equine."
Patrick Jones - Course author