Worry Less, Walk More

We want you to look forward to walks with your dog as opposed to dreading the world’s most frustrating game of tug. We want to help you enjoy neighborhood strolls with your dog, providing you with an improved relationship and a fun way to stay healthy together.

This course will feature practical, fun, and effective exercises that you can begin teaching right in the comfort and safety of your home. We will provide you with effective strategies to introduce distractions in a way which sets you up for success and gives you confidence when you bring these skills from the living room to the sidewalks. All at your pace!
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What To Expect:
  1. Better communication with your dog on and off the leash
  2. Less frustration for pet owners
  3. More enjoyable walks
  4. "The Impact of Physical Exercise" with Dr. Kathy Murphy

Meet the instructor

Casey Lomonaco

Casey combined her love of animal training and behavior with her fondness for writing and has published hundreds of articles on dog behavior and training for publishers including Karen Pryor Clicker Training, Dog Star Daily, Dogster.com, the APDT Chronicle of the dog, and the Huffington Post; in addition to contributing to a number of books as both an author and editor. You can find some of Casey’s published work in “Better Together: The Collected Wisdom of Modern Dog Trainers,” and in the first two volumes of “The Dog Trainer’s Resource.” Casey is currently working on a book about compassionate palliative end of life care for dogs.

Casey is a past board member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and has presented seminars and conferences throughout the country for clubs and organizations including Maddie’s Fund Shelter Medicine Conference at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Conference.
Patrick Jones - Course author