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Resilience Conditioning in Shelter Dogs - Building Bounce Back for Life in the Real World

Resilience is the ability to adapt successfully to or recover from stress and resist the negative effects of stress. How do we build resilience in shelter dogs where the environment itself can be stressful? Research investigating the physiological and behavioral basis for resilience in animals, as well as human health and well-being, can help us develop potential interventions to facilitate increasing and maintaining resilience in dogs throughout life.
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In this webinar, we will learn how to integrate resilience conditioning exercises into behavior modification plans for shelter dogs using the Resilience Rainbow framework developed by my colleagues Dr. Kathy Murphy (BVetMEd, DPhil, CVA, CLAS, MRCVS) and Bobbie Bhambree (CDBC, CPDT-KA) at Behavior Vets.

Resilience conditioning for shelter dogs can be the best way to help dogs cope with the stressors of living in a shelter environment and prepare them for the inevitable stressors in the real world post-adoption. Join us as we go beyond good manners and counter-conditioning training and focus on making the most impact on a dog’s life during their stay in the shelter. We will explore how developing resilience can help dogs respond effectively to environmental change and recover from the negative effects of stress. In addition, the relatively simple exercises and activities that promote resilience conditioning can easily be taught to adopters so they have effective tools to support their dogs for a lifetime.

These webinars are suitable for veterinary professionals, animal trainers, animal behaviorists, dog sports teams, shelter and rescue staff and volunteers, pet guardians, and anyone with an interest in evidence-based behavior intervention.

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Meet the instructor

Ferdie Yau, MA, CPDT-KA

Ferdie Yau is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant who started his training career at the Central Park Zoo in 2002. Ferdie has been training dogs and educating their humans in NYC, the Bronx, and Inwood since 2007, and founded Sits & Wiggles Dog Training in 2009.
He is a strong advocate for improving animal welfare and providing free or low-cost training services for under-served communities through his work at the Humane Society of Westchester and the Community Pets Program, a compassionate outreach initiative of Animal Care Centers of NYC. Ferdie has an MA in Conservation Biology from Columbia University (2007) and a BS in Natural Resource Ecology and Management from the University of Michigan (1998).
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