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Trish McMillan Webinars -Conversation-Based Adoptions

We want to find the best possible homes for the dogs in our care, but we also don’t want our adopters to feel like we think they’re criminals. How do we walk this fine line? Conversation-based adoptions! Instead of having people fill out an invasive application, and looking for reasons to say “no,” what if we simplified the form, started with “yes” and simply let people know what it would take to live with the dog they’re interested in? If you help make adoption matches for a rescue or a shelter, or just occasionally rescue animals privately, learn the modern way to make great matches happen!
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Meet the instructor

Trish McMillan

Trish McMillan holds a master of science degree in animal behavior and is a certified professional dog trainer. She worked for the ASPCA for nearly eight years, first as director of animal behavior at their NYC shelter, and then with the field team, helping assess and rehabilitate dogs from cruelty cases, dogfighting, and hoarding situations.
Trish owns McMillan Animal Behavior in North Carolina, where she lives in a tiny house on her farm, Pibble Hill. Trish currently shares her life with 25 animals of five species.
Trish’s professional work includes training and behavior modification work with dogs, cats, and horses. She speaks and consults nationally and internationally on animal sheltering issues, dog, cat, and horse behavior, dog aggression, and defensive handling. She also runs a popular online shelter dog behavior mentorship and other courses through the Shelter Behavior Hub, and is one of the founders of the behavioral euthanasia grief support group, “Losing Lulu.”
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